Traditional Resume

William L. Duncan
Manufacturing Technologist & Operations Leader

Leader of business transformations that achieve measurable and sustainable performance improvement.

Employs leading information technologies such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) via internal and external cloud. Works most extensively with Oracle ERP and Siemens Teamcenter PLM.

Deploys advanced manufacturing engineering strategies including:

  • Advanced materials applications such as composites, ceramics, and optical fiber
  • Strategic manufacturing process technologies such as additive manufacturing, process simulation, and nanotechnology to achieve high levels of operational performance.

Corporate Director, Engineering Systems & Solutions 2013 – Present

Emerson Corporate Headquarters

Based in the Emerson corporate headquarters, overseeing the deployment of global engineering and related systems across Emerson’s world-wide operations (250+ sites, 50+ companies). Primary IT applications include Siemens’ TeamCenter PLM, various CAD/ CAM / CAE tools, and Oracle ERP. Also currently serving as a member of the Board on Program Management Advisory Council at the Washington University School of Engineering. Working with senior management across Emerson to develop strategies, data and configuration standards, leverage of best practices, and critical supplier partnerships to maximize impact on business unit and corporate profitability.

Corporate Director, Program & Portfolio Management 2011 – 2012

Emerson Corporate Headquarters

Based in the Emerson corporate Program Management Office (PMO), coordinated the deployment of global manufacturing systems across Emerson’s world-wide operations (250+ sites, 50+ companies). Led a team of Program Managers covering the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Focused on IT applications such as Oracle EBS and TeamCenter PLM. Worked with CIOs and VPs of operations to develop standards, prioritize project portfolios, and more effectively align technology deployments with individual business unit business strategies.

Special Assistant to the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense 2009 – 2011

Pentagon, Arlington Virginia and across Afghanistan

Recruited and led a team of engineering, agriculture, and supply chain experts to formulate and implement economic revitalization projects in Afghanistan, in support of International Security Armed Forces (ISAF) leaders McChrystal and Petraeus. Lived and worked in Afghanistan for 13 months during this tour, working closely with US and Afghan government officials as well as outside investors, private industry, and local Afghan businesses. Re-established international supply chains, reopened businesses, and established new businesses across that country. Awarded 3 medals for service in Afghanistan including the Secretary of Defense Medal for the Global War on Terrorism, Joint Chiefs of Staff Civilian Service medal, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service.

Partner, Computer Sciences Corporation 2003 – 2009

St. Louis, Missouri and across Iraq

In the Federal Consulting Practice, recruited, fielded, and led a team of engineering and supply chain experts that restarted manufacturing businesses in order to re-employ Iraqis, and stabilize that nation’s economy. Lived and worked in Iraq for 10 months during this tour, working closely with US and Iraqi government officials as well as outside investors, private industry, and local businesses. Re-established international supply chains, reopened businesses, and established new businesses across that country ranging from chemicals to farm equipment to automotive products. Personally authored the US investment plan for $100 million in congressionally authorized funds to restart and support the industrial base of Iraq. Recognized by the Deputy Secretary of Defense in a ceremony at the Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes in November 2007 for “Selfless Service to Our Nation and the People of Iraq”.

Subsequently performed an evaluation of SAP implementation programs for the Secretary of the United States Army based in the Pentagon. Recommended specific actions around standardization and program management which were foundational in subsequent program streamlining.

In the Commercial management consulting side of CSC, led implementations of Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), TeamCenter Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and Lean Six Sigma implementations. Also worked with C level executives across four industries to identify lessons learned and best practices associated with mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Documented those elements in a 280-page hardback book.

Vice President of Operations, JDS Uniphase 2001 – 2003

Ottawa, Canada and El Segundo, California

Implemented operational practices such as Lean Six Sigma along with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Led major outsourcing initiative between North America and China. Led major factory consolidation initiative. Responsible for over two thousand employees as well as a subsidiary company in the eastern United States. Turned in strong P&L performance, built on reductions in order throughput times, major improvements in on-time delivery, sweeping site consolidations, and dramatic labor efficiency increases.

Director, High Technology Management Consulting, KPMG 2000 – 2001

Chicago, Illinois

Assisted client (JDS Uniphase) with leadership of their Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation and Matrix 1 Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) implementations.

Director, McDonnell Douglas / Boeing 1991 – 2000

St. Louis, Missouri and Mesa, Arizona

As Director of Production and Quality Assurance, led the development and implementation of manufacturing and QA processes on McDonnell Douglas’ last commercial helicopter program, introducing several new innovations in manufacturing technology, improving Return on Net Assets (RONA) by more than 40% from baseline.

As Director of Materials Management, reduced required inventory investment by more than $40 million, shortages by 46%, and Apache helicopter end-to-end throughput times by 50% in stable helicopter manufacturing operations.

As Director of Information technology (IT), led the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) on the military side of Boeing (a $24 billion / year division). Exceptional, well-documented performance improvements such as RONA increases (from 63% to 129%), inventory turns (from 5.7 to 9.4), and critical path cycle time reduction (from 235 days to 172 days).

Senior Manager, Ernst & Young Management Consulting 1985 – 1990

Chicago, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri

Designed and assisted our client (McDonnell Douglas) with implementation of Lean Manufacturing processes that reduced the required number of F/A-18 and F-15 aircraft in final assembly, freeing up tens of millions of dollars in cash flow. Also assisted other clients such as Chicago Cutlery in similar programs with very strong performance improvements. Earned professional certification from the National Association of Purchasing management (NAPM).

Supply Chain Management, John Deere Harvester Works 1976 – 1985

East Moline, Illinois

Progressed through several roles at Deere, including: Shop Floor Expediter, Factory Fabrication Scheduler, Assembly Line Scheduler, Production Planner, Manufacturing Supervisor, and Design Change Coordinator. Earned more than a dozen employee suggestion awards, and submitted / implemented a recommendation related to safety stock calculations that netted the company more than $6 million in savings in raw material inventories. Earned professional certification from the American production & Inventory Control Society (APICS).


Bachelor of Arts, Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Master of Business Administration in Technology Management at University of Phoenix, Phoenix Arizona

Completed programs in Structured Systems Design / System Engineering at Princeton University while in consulting, and e-Business at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) while at Boeing. Also served as Adjunct Professor for Information Technology at Washington University while at Boeing.


Author of 4 business books and dozens of professional articles related to manufacturing, technology, and Mergers & Acquisitions. Developed and led courses in Strategic Planning for the American management Association all over the United States and in China during the mid-1990s.

Author of the Brystol Foundation series of fictional espionage novels based on experiences with military and intelligence operatives, and weaving in “bleeding-edge” technologies. The first novel in the series is entitled The Salacia Project.

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